Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Where is the pariah woman?

Where is the high-caste woman?

Are there numbers inscribed on the skin and flesh?

Is the pariah woman’s delight different from that of a the high-caste woman?

Analyse the pariah woman and the high-caste woman in you.


Drawn milk doesn’t return to the breast.

Churned butter doesn’t return to the butter-milk.

The broken conch’s sound and the beings don’t re-enter the body.

The blossomed flower and the fallen half-ripe fruit never return to the tree.

The dead are never born. Never, never, never.


When earthen vessels tumble they keep it in order

When bronze vessels tumble they tend with care.

When our vessel sinks they forsake it because it stinks.

What an inexplicable one is your trick of mingling with the numbers? Oh Lord!


Where are the temples? Where are the holy ponds?

You loathsome people who worship the temples and ponds! Temples and ponds are in one’s mind.

There is neither creation nor destrution.

Never, never, never.


When the boat exists one can run and ride for recreation.

While the boat exists one can determine.

When the boat is smashed, In the incomparbale space

There is no goat, no stick, and there exists none.


There is no sampradhaya sans the seed, either above or below.

In what way can the palace sans the architect take shape?

You ignorant! You sell your mother and turn her a slave!

When there is no emancipation there is no life.

Never, never, never.


As one traps the tiger with a goat Is it fair for you to delude me showing a cow?

Oh! King who killed and skinned the elephant with a stick:

You should reveal me showing the way of emancipation.

All poems are translated by A.Rajaram Brammarajan


Question: Tamilians/hindus ::may i be enlightened with the following siva vaakkiyar, a sidhdhar's peom?

Siva Vaakiyar, one of 18 Sidhars of India, has written poem, which goes like this? "NATTA KALLAI DEIVAMENDRU, NAALU PUTPAM SAATHIYE; SUTRI VANDHU MONEMONAVENDRU SOLLUM MANDHIRAM EADHADAA. NATTA KALLUM PESUMO?NATHAN ULLIRRUKAYIL; SUTTA SATTI SATTUVAM KARICHUVAYA ARIYUMO? Means : A planted stones, even you offer flowers to it alongwith Manta utchaadnaas, cannot speak ; but your innerself, where the Almighty resides can speak of Him volumes. The Stone is like a vessel and spoon, which at any time, does not know the taste of food cooked in/ with them? But you, yourself with your inner heart know about Him more, which you do not realize. As I am poor in my English and for my knowledge on our Philosophy, I may please be ignored for any mistakes. Inspiration for this Question : Jagedish, an unknown personality even to me for further details see the following web site ::- - http:/ /

where belonged to, nobody knows. Its is generally believed that he is given the name Sivavakkiyar based on the poems that he has left behind. Sivavakkiyar is classified in the category of Siddhars (or Shaivite ascetics) of South India. The period in which he lived is unknown. http:/ / I am asking one more question on Siva Vakkiyar. Please reply that one also. Courtesy : A friend (not in my Contacts) named Jagedish, who is at:: http:/ / my/ profile