Sunday, April 29, 2012

Aathiyaanathu onrume anekaneka roopamaai
saathi bethamaai ezhunthu sarva jeevan aanathu
aathiyodu irunthu meendu ezhunthu jenmam aanapin
sothiyaana gnaaniyaagi suthamaai iruppane

The above verse is from siddha Siva Vakkiyar. The explanation of who is god is very simple. The supreme being is one and it is responsible for all forms of life. That supreme being is in the form of light and if living beings understand and mingle then they shall have wisdom.

Siddhas in this sense mentioned about the supreme power as light in the inner self.

Saying that God in the form of light is inside one’s self itself and he has to recognize it. All scholars from the major religions talk about god as the form of light which is present inside one’s self.
Here once again comes siva vaakkiyar

Odi Odi Odi Odi Utkalandha Sothiyai
Naadi Naadi Naadi Naadi Naatkalum Kazhinthu Poga
Vaadi Vaadi Vaadi Vaadi Maandu Pona Maanthargal
Kodi Kodi Kodi Kodi Ennirantha Kodiye

And tells who is search of God can search for God as light in one’s innerself and they won’t fail in finding the supreme power