Sunday, October 14, 2012


When earthen vessels tumble they keep it in order
When bronze vessels tumble they tend with care.
When our vessel sinks they forsake it because it stinks.
What an inexplicable one is your trick of mingling with the numbers? Oh Lord!


Where are the temples? Where are the holy ponds?
You loathsome people who worship the temples and ponds! Temples and ponds are in one’s mind.
There is neither creation nor destrution.
Never, never, never.


When the boat exists one can run and ride for recreation.
While the boat exists one can determine.
When the boat is smashed, In the incomparbale space
There is no goat, no stick, and there exists none.


There is no sampradhaya sans the seed, either above or below.
In what way can the palace sans the architect take shape?
You ignorant! You sell your mother and turn her a slave!
When there is no emancipation there is no life.
Never, never, never.


As one traps the tiger with a goat Is it fair for you to delude me showing a cow?
Oh! King who killed and skinned the elephant with a stick:
You should reveal me showing the way of emancipation.